Please set your monitor size (inches)

Not sure what your monitor size is ?

micro SD card


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Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
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Mercury (26" monitor)
Perfect size - 26"
Sam (19" monitor)
JA (13" monitor)
Yup, that's about right.
Anynamomus spelt rong (17" monitor)
A tiny tiny bit too big, but that might be my monitor.
iTouchiReview (20" monitor)
Perfect fit!
Anonymous (14" monitor)
Perfect on my 14.2in monitor
good but.. (15" monitor)
perfect size but i got a 4gig hahaha sucka lol
me (17" monitor)
waaaaaaay too small on 17"
Aha. (19" monitor)
I have got a 4GB aswell... ♥
add (15" monitor)
ive only got a 512mb =( same size though =)
16 GB sd card ftw (22" monitor)
b***h i got 16 micro sd, so suck it, and it came with my droid X b***h! lol
Your mom (16" monitor)
jasnfajfhasuiofhofjfjj perfect size by the way jdifpasjfioajpifawjopfjaeprf
... (17" monitor)
?????????? (20" monitor)
perfect fit on my 21''
Blurp (24" monitor)
This is a dumb project. If you need the actual size of something on your monitor go here and follow the instructions below the 200x200 px image then find the measurements of a desired object and make an image at that ppi and you're golden. My monitor here at work is 94 ppi so in photoshop if I have a 300 dpi image I scale down the view to 31.333...% zoom to get the exact print size.