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My Hand


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yrname (13" monitor)
mine's biggers
nonya (22" monitor)
My hand is bigger. And I'm a chic. in middle school.
This thing is kinda lame, and doesn't quite work.
morgan (21" monitor)
my hand is so tiny up to yours
Toniii (15" monitor)
Exact samee size. (: x
anna (15" monitor)
random dude (17" monitor)
mine is frieken huge compared to that persons and im 13!
The Nerd (16" monitor)
my is absolutely magnificent for.. um.... nvm
...okeeee.. (15" monitor)
mines bigger
Brian (19" monitor)
My hands much bigger and im 11
Cutiegirl (16" monitor)
mines just slightly bigger
meee (15" monitor)
mines bigger
my hand is bigger (17" monitor)
yes yes it is
way way bigger
Karimbma (22" monitor)
mine is bigger while i'm only -5 years new
Hogarth from the Iron Giant (19" monitor)
strange if you think about it. it's like a hyper-high-five!
nix (17" monitor)
exact size!! :)
Danie (15" monitor)
so weird...Ive never met anyone with smaller hands than me other than small children and little people. My hand is slightly bigger;)
? (18" monitor)
Sharidan (14" monitor)
Seriosly Short
?!?!?!? (15" monitor)
my hand is bigger and im in 5th grade:)
disapointed person (6" monitor)
Stytch (17" monitor)
My hand destroys your hand
Elliott (22" monitor)
im 12 and my hand is way bigger.
murph_forever (15" monitor)
We have the EXACT same size, well not the exact because nobod in the world has the "same" hand!
extrememinecrafter (12" monitor)
im in 6th grade my hand is the same size... u guys have big hands!
Guy Incognito (24" monitor)
My fingers are like 50% longer than yours. Neato.
anon (19" monitor)
I'm 14 and I have an 8 inch hand.
Finger-lickin' Slap-yo-mama good Fried Chicken (16" monitor)
my hand is the size of a babydolls, -1
Louis (14" monitor)
your hands are much bigger than mine but I have really small hands for a guy. I'm 5'10"