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Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
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lilindia (17" monitor)
omg the dslite is actually bigger than this!!!!!!!!!
lilindia (17" monitor)
no offence 2 who ever made this but a ds lite is about the same size as this
Nightangelwolf (17" monitor)
Smaller than I anticipated... but still nice. :)
Thatguyoverthere... (70" monitor)
I actually compared this to my real 3DS and it is just slightly out, maybe half an inch bigger in all directions. A very clever idea for a website though i must add :)
Stevus Maximus (15" monitor)
It's a lot smaller than one would actually think! I thought it was DS (original) size, possibly bigger!
Anonymous (16" monitor)
completely wrong
Jdversuper (15" monitor)
To all u people who think this is wrong...
Lan (18" monitor)
You have to set the size settings first to get the correct size of the image.
Jesse (10" monitor)
I have a 3DS right here beside me. This image is too small.
coolsawesome5 (17" monitor)
You can't close a 2ds idiot