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Nokia 5800


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Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
Nokia 5800 Actual Size Image


no way!
man. thats big. now i have second thoughts...
james (90" monitor)
to big
PT (15" monitor)
I have one and this is wrong...

It's too big compared to the real one
Anonymous (20" monitor)
its actually a tad bit smaller than the actual phone. just by a LITTLE .
Anonymous (20" monitor)
Mine was perfect on size...
a (22" monitor)
Anonymous (19" monitor)
pmt (15" monitor)
short and fat
Anonymous (19" monitor)
i like the guitar pick
parapunydimama (17" monitor)
noooooooooooooooooooooopie this is arl long ,its actual size is 111 by 51.7
Anon (20" monitor)
Just choose the right dimensions of your monitor......
Perfect match!!!!!!
Psp Go Or NoT ? (19" monitor)
That fits perfectly into the screen, so good i have one to compare >xD
Karimbma (22" monitor)
perfect phone
Hooch (16" monitor)
Perfect for me too! (I put the wrong screen size first)
nokia user (12" monitor)
too big!! urgh~ =_="
sameer (4" monitor)
I have one this is wrong it is nearly one time bigger