Please set your monitor size (inches)

Not sure what your monitor size is ?



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Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
Pixel Actual Size Image


Anonymous (17" monitor)
Reece (14" monitor)
i cant see it D:<
my name :) (1" monitor)
LOL PUT UR SCREEN SIZE ON 1 AND U CAN SEE IT! why did i hav my keyboard on capslock? :s
name (4" monitor)
perfect on 4" .. :P
unknown (9" monitor)
pixels are everywhere! how can you not see them! LOL!
her name? (4" monitor)
yay pixels.
hah (15" monitor)
well i dont no if it is the size of a pixil because i cant see it!!
Anonymous (25" monitor)
how do u know your screen size
leo (53" monitor)
Antagonist (15" monitor)
I can see my pixels everwhere but here.
Jamo (13" monitor)
i can see it up to a 13.37" screen..... but my screen is 15.4 :s
Anonymous (22" monitor)
lol, i thought i could see it.... turns out it was a spec of something or another on my screen..... guess i cant see it either.
Jared (19" monitor)
fren (19" monitor)
i've seen better pixels.
Ejem (19" monitor)
I used the magnifier on windows xp to see the pixels in my display more clearly. Being a Photoshop Artist I can say I know what pixels look like. There is no pixel on this screen. for example, most of you use a standard sized mouse(on your display; the arrow), this arrows has tiny black squares that make up its shape and a few gray ones for shadowy effect. each of these squares represent a pixel. you can find this pixels a lot faster using windows magnifier in the accessibility menu under your start menu. all over the screen you will see small colored squares especially if you adjust the magnification to 9X. Now that I have defined a pixel to everyone, I can safely say that this picture in very inaccurate. while the resolution of all our screens makes this hard to tell. you would at least be able to see one small black square in the center of this image!
Anonymous (20" monitor)
Hm... If I get realll close on my monitor, I can see the individual pixels. Can't see this one. So... no.
Tom (18" monitor)
I just held my pixel up to the screen, Perfect!
Anonymous (21" monitor)
monitor size: 21!

searched for ever, FOUND IT! :D
x (19" monitor)
who owns a 70 inch monitor?!?! lol
angelsl (99999" monitor)
tom (9" monitor)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 - I can only see it on zoom.
tom (9" monitor)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 - I can only see it on zoom.
nexus 7 (7" monitor)
Can't see it on my nexus 7
had to zoom in 3x more
Anonymous (23" monitor)
The physical size of a pixel depends on the screen resolution. This entry makes no sense.