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Samsung Galaxy S2 "Superphone"


42% voted correct
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Samsung Galaxy S2 "Superphone" Actual Size Image


Ammo (17" monitor)
Perfectly matches actual size
Anonymous (13" monitor)
if ure considering an iphone... u suck

this is so much better!
E_72 (21" monitor)
The size of the pic matches the phone in my hand, I'd say its accurate.
Can't understand why only 34% of people think the same
sam (16" monitor)
perfect size its only 36 percent because people havnt typed in the inches of there screen, this phone is way better than the iphone 4
jaz (16" monitor)
perfect size, though the power button and volume rocker stick out a mil or 2 on the sides
Nicolas (15" monitor)
It matches my SII, at least....
wrong (30" monitor)
My screen is 32inch and also aligned with the cd thingie and showed 32... This image was slightly smaller and had to set screen to 30 to match the actual size of phone 2 image. Cant beat this phone, by far the best on the market. Long live android....
corby 2 (12" monitor)
right size for me
NjL (15" monitor)
Its accurate
seb (10" monitor)
almost accurate its a bit off on the width though and like a cm on the length. Overall gives u a good perspective of what ur gonna buy. S2 > 4S
sebestian shultz (16" monitor)
ekdam galat size h

HUMAN BEING (16" monitor)
Anonymous (40" monitor)
Wrong... too small
Ammo (17" monitor)
Correct. Image perfectly matches the S2 in my hand.
Me (10" monitor)
Perfect....0.001 % error only
Ahmed (15" monitor)
I uploaded this image even before buying the mobile ... perfect match!
arun (19" monitor)
image is perfect
Daniella (16" monitor)
This Doesnt Fit right. It is way bigger than the samsung s2 i have.
ajmal (15" monitor)
perfect only 0.0000000000000000000001 error if seen with hitech device
Vikcha (22" monitor)
perfect !
ForUs (10" monitor)
Just a tad small, like 1 mm for me