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Sim Card


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The SIM card (or mini SIM card) is the most popular size of the SIM card at 25 mm × 15 mm. [more]

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Sim Card Actual Size Image


dude (15" monitor)
i think its too big
dude (15" monitor)
no its not im sorry
duddddde (17" monitor)
TOO SMALL FOR MEE. opss capss. :)
duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddddde (22" monitor)
just perfect
dudeeeeeeeeeeeee (14" monitor)
its the exact size
DUDE (17" monitor)
its the right size if you adjust the screen size at first it was bigger than my phone
mee (4" monitor)
well. lol its the size of my real phone aha ( ;
your mom (12" monitor)
to all those dudes... fail...
Thommy Dee (14" monitor)
Very accurate
karimbma (17" monitor)
Very accurate
Sarcastic Sam (17" monitor)
Why did this come up when I searched for "your mom"
anon (16" monitor)
perfect on 16.6
anon (16" monitor)
15.6 *
test (10" monitor)
was correct
anon (24" monitor)
Perfect size.

@Mee, you're configured to 4".