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Standard Coca Cola Can


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Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
Standard Coca Cola Can Actual Size Image


Too small :[
just about perfect
To small on my 24in widescreen
eh it was a bit too small. but pretty good!
very close to perfect 19inch
to small
too big
too small in all directions on a 19" widescreen
Anonymous (15" monitor)
MOLE USELESS hahahahahahhahahahah !
Spencer (17" monitor)
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Anonymous (28" monitor)
to small on 28"
Sanjay (14" monitor)
Anonymous (19" monitor)
little to small
SharpShark28 (22" monitor)
Just a bit small (22" Monitor) pretty close!
Steve (13" monitor)
Are you setting your display (not monitor, display) size up to decimals. Example: I normally say that my display is 13", when really it is 13.3".

Also, eyeballing it makes it look small or large. Furthermore, it is REALLY hard to compare a flat image of a curved object and that same curved object. I've tried many times.

For me, it is perfect.
bobby (19" monitor)
tooo big :|
Anonymous (28" monitor)
Too small on 28"
guy who has a 19" (19" monitor)
perfect fit for me
Anonymous (16" monitor)
a little small on 16"
PERSON (18" monitor)
Too small...
emaily (17" monitor)
yum I just imagined picking that up and drinking it ;) perfect size 4 me
PIE (21" monitor)
uh its too small!
Marilyn (22" monitor)
Mitch (17" monitor)
Almost good.
Anonymous (12" monitor)
a bit large. :s
Anonymous (14" monitor)
to big.
Pepsi (21" monitor)
Too Small :(
Anonymous (21" monitor)
Diet Coke FTW!
NO U (17" monitor)
You people...jesus.. T_T
crazyman (15" monitor)
just perfect :3. i want coke. and please leave good comments. not ones like "hey blah blah blah" about something entirely different. if you want to do that, go on gmail.
Stef (19" monitor)
Perfect-o :3
nuggetman (24" monitor)
waaaay to small on 24"
nuggetman killer (13" monitor)
bwhizz (16" monitor)
too small on my 15.6 :/
annonnaon (15" monitor)
well thats about right
aker (17" monitor)
The size yould be perfect in a 17" @ 1280x1024 if it wasnt because of "perspective". The shot should be taken from further, but with more zoom.
mason (17" monitor)
LCD screens dont work
Maggie (16" monitor)
Bakedpotatoes (14" monitor)
Too small, but I think we have bigger cans here.
Anonymous (19" monitor)
too small.. it appears to be a US/European 330ml can instead of the 375ml can we have in Australia
LOLZGRRL (15" monitor)
haha! i looks too big but it seems right when i put my hand up. LOLZ
Your mum (16" monitor)
Thats what she said.....
mekron (19" monitor)
seems perfect
Lucy (14" monitor)
umm what about the dimensions of the little semi-sphere underneath i desperately needed that dimension the most :(
Your Mother (56" monitor)
Too small on my 56" screen.
toh (34" monitor)
too small
Blobbie244 (16" monitor)