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Tarantula Actual Size Image
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Yari (22" monitor)
Uh ... animals and insects and arachnids, can all be different sizes, so I don't think this would work for what this website is looking for ...
Gixo (21" monitor)
Let me say one word....

Ewwwww......Its pretty big on my cmputer......Think i set my size wrong....
ryan (15" monitor)
bloody h**l i clicked the wrong one and im scared of spiders
Stefie777 (22" monitor)
That is a nice little big spider xD
AmberGUR (14" monitor)
Its butts almost as hairy as your moms...
Maggie (15" monitor)
Awee cutie!!
I've seen one that was bigger!! :)
chloe (23" monitor)
EWWW !!!!!!!