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6 inches


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6 inches Actual Size Image


D D (16" monitor)
Can see why this is a popular size to check up.........
dick (27" monitor)
'cause it's the average length for american...?
mb (24" monitor)
i read of a phone had a six inch screen and had to make sure that was a ridiculous size. It was.
Nic (6" monitor)
Size of mu new tarantula (-:
Nottru (6" monitor)
This is not accurate
Anonymous (5" monitor)
This thing works like a charm, sarcasm
hugh jass (22" monitor)
i need a whole ruler to measure this thing
Anonymous (2698" monitor)
Anonymous (2698" monitor)
I faked my size
penis man (12" monitor)
huehuehue yeah i am
A brick wall (22" monitor)
We're all here to measure the size of our p***s aren't we? Don't lie.