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Amazon Kindle 2

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Amazon Kindle 2 Actual Size Image


Anonymous (14" monitor)
A (13" monitor)
A little bit too small
cc (23" monitor)
Looks absolutely awesome to me. I want one!
Anonymous (19" monitor)
to the first comment - You are lame, you use IE
Anonymous (15" monitor)
A, is right. it's a bit small
Anonymous (900" monitor)
Too small
Marco (13" monitor)
@#6 its too small cause you're using a 900" SCREEN?!?!?!
Anonymous (1" monitor)
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to big
Anonymous (99999" monitor)
I cant even see it!
ade (20" monitor)
1 inch too small.
Jeran (22" monitor)
i own a kindle, and it is indeed too small.
#12 (900" monitor)
wayyyy 2 big
657 (99999" monitor)
657 (1000" monitor)
Kindle user (89" monitor)
ya it does seem to small im getting one for X-mas so i'll see...
Kindle user (89" monitor)
yup two weeks l8er... to small
nuggetman (24" monitor)
to mini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bwbahahahahahahahahahahahahaha cow!!!!! all systems are go! chocolate pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kekehkehkehkeh!!!
Chris (24" monitor)
Joey thinks it is too small. I ask Joey everything.
Mike (99999" monitor)
Too big, omg!
Axl (21" monitor)
This is a nice tool you made, but I would like it if the quality of the text were correct -- maybe use live text or a vector graphic?