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American 20 Dollar Bill


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American 20 Dollar Bill Actual Size Image


Jigabites (15" monitor)
de estos se roba saga...ok cuidado
Emily (12" monitor)
ummmm thats too big!!!!
Kane (15" monitor)
Wow, looks great on 15.4 in (too all those with messed up size, remember you have to put the diagonal screen size, not the width or height.
sdfg (15" monitor)
close, but a little too big
Sar Bagar (6" monitor)
thats not normal!
Jared (19" monitor)
almost perfect
Jared (6" monitor)
lol @#5 i tried your size lol
CopierCrasher (22" monitor)
BTW- New color copy machines will stop working if you try to scan any US currency, and you have to know the tech codes to get it working again. But the real issue is the paper, watermarks, and the plastic/metal strip in the bill. There is NO WAY to forge a new bill. Now the old hundee's...well that is a completely different story, and Afganastan was thought to be printing a TON of fake 100's to buy arms and pay mercinaries and such... Hence the change, and the new change to come in 2011.
Me (15" monitor)
thatz not the right size its too small this website is STUPID!!!!!
Anonymous (20" monitor)
Here's the worst part. This image is too big horizontally but too small vertically. ??? And with something so standard as a flat piece of paper. How can I trust this site?
over9000 (24" monitor)
It's dead on, Try entering the correct size of your monitor genius'
Bakedpotatoes (14" monitor)
Works on 4 of my different sized monitors. Put the right size in, get the right image.
j.kidd (17" monitor)
its perfect here too.... 2.6 X 6.1
booms (16" monitor)
its too blurry
donovan (15" monitor)
too blurry