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Apple iPad


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Apple iPad Actual Size Image


the girlzz babz' (21" monitor)
wahhh, properr sndd thiss lidddd,
looks aboutt righttttt
yerrrr (Y)
Correy.M (20" monitor)
Yea its Right!
danipiru (15" monitor)
Its Perfect
ueriehytku5t4 (15" monitor)
lol (17" monitor)
Hope (15" monitor)
wow really puts this into perspective cant wait untill mine arives
Anonymous (1" monitor)
Type in 1....
iPad (19" monitor)
Bit smaller than I thought it would be
Anonymous (25" monitor)
just a hair too small.
FLasky (15" monitor)
This is huge compared to ipod touch
SamSteel (14" monitor)
SomeGuy (5" monitor)
I'd imagine it would be bigger than that,
Anonymous (17" monitor)
this is bigger than my ipad2
Ronny Roberge (10" monitor)
It would be as big as the screen if you view it on an iPad.
Anonymous (12" monitor)
Haha I'm looking at this picture from my iPad. It's way too small :(
Alex (24" monitor)
The dimensions are right, but the icons look way bigger in real life
Anonymous (13" monitor)
My computer made the image smaller so it could fit it on my screen. I don't know if it's correct or incorrect.
Jae (16" monitor)
This is spot on