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Apple iPod touch 8 GB


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Not sure what your monitor size is ?
Apple iPod touch 8 GB Actual Size Image


A touch (no pun intended) too small.
i think that pun was intended, and it is too small
too small
I just compared it with my ipod touch (also 8gig) and it's almost the correct size about .1 inches bigger and it would work.
@ #4
the capacity usually doesn't make a difference, but yes, it's like 6mm too small from left to right
make it bigger
needs moar sauce
yea too small. and what #5 said.
yeah definitely more sauce
Anonymous (15" monitor)
#1, is that what she said?
not saying (15" monitor)
its bang on for mine have you guys got your display the right size and are are talking about the second gen as mine is the first gen and fits and the pic is of a first gen one
Anon (15" monitor)
Small.. soz m8
Bang on (19" monitor)
Make sure you set the screen size correct. also this is a 1g
naryan (17" monitor)
i know the size of my screen, i also know that's too small
Ethan (19" monitor)
stop the bad comments, i tried it, it's basically perfect
dfdfgdfsgdsfg (13" monitor)
to small
Anonymous (19" monitor)
exactly the same i just put it on my screen exactly!
#19 (13" monitor)
This is the first generation of iPod Touches. In other words the ones from September '07. Also, even my eyes tell me that it is small. I compared it, and it is indeed a millimeter too small vertically and about two millimeters too small on 16:10s. I think that for some reason, that there is a glitch and that 4:3s and 16:10s differ.
AL (17" monitor)
This is a first Gen, don't judge it with a second gen iPod.
Anonymous (20" monitor)
#7, you're right. Needs moar sauce.
f*** you (14" monitor)
this is first gen, still got old a*s macy gray as the promo cover...
Sir Bob (22" monitor)
cheap and SIMPLE
samuel (19" monitor)
little smaller than my 2g
hmmm... (10" monitor)
i dunno it seems too small but i dunno till xmas
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Way too small, unless I am unaware of an iPod Touch 4G.
lol (17" monitor)
too small make it bigger
ish (14" monitor)
it's so small,it looks like a baby ipod with only 2gbs! write back other people
yos (14" monitor)
is so tiny!
Anonymous (10" monitor)
So small!!
DOUGHNUTZ!! (4" monitor)
I am viewing this ON an iPod... Waaaaay too small.....
i like pie (11" monitor)
i like it and I've been saving up for it for ages
haha (19" monitor)
i hot. it's to small
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Yes, I agree too small. I'm very disappointed. :( I want my daughters ipod 32mg 3rd generation.
Hi (18" monitor)
It's the same!
apple just sucks a.s.s (46" monitor)
it really does
btw 46" screen is really nice for playing PC games and stuff:
Jonas Rush (16" monitor)
I no the same if your monitor is 15.6