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Brett (19" monitor)
I think it's a tiny bit too big because i put my 3000 up to it and the psp go is supposed to have a smaller screen but it's like, the same size
Sam (18" monitor)
Getting one as soon as it comes out.
I had a 1000 but this kills it.
Evan Thomas (13" monitor)
No i held up my 3000 and the screen is slightly smaller.
Sam (18" monitor)
I'm not using firefox, I'm using flock!
and is the Go screen shorter or just skinnier than 3000?
Joel (17" monitor)
getting on this psp go is pimp
Anonymous (99" monitor)
bit small on my 99"
anonymous (99" monitor)
small no way its fine!
Josh (17" monitor)
Just a tiny bit big.

i put my go up an it was a bit smaller
emaily (17" monitor)
its big! way 2 big!
good (15" monitor)
this has helped me cuz i will get 1 i just wanted 2 c the size :D
Anonymous (16" monitor)
wow, thats cool
me (15" monitor)
thats cool but could be better
xcona (17" monitor)
psp go??
Empty (15" monitor)
Anonymous (12" monitor)
hey i thought it waz smaller but is very goo
Anonymous (7" monitor)
LOL its not that big, my netbook is 7" and the psp go came up bigger than the screen..
dannnnnnnn (17" monitor)
a tiny b it too big... sorry
anonymous (10000" monitor)
too small on the 10,000 inch
anonymous (18" monitor)
all you guys are so gay! you would be on this site talking about your littke game things. get a life. i only come o this to make fun of you losers!
Ben (19" monitor)
Same height slightly narrower than my psp 1000.
Anonymous (21" monitor)
GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT, psp go is SUPPOSED to be smaller than the 3000...
psp (12" monitor)
the psp go is suppose to be smaller lighter but have a slightly bigger or equal sized screen to the 3000
so in terms of brittleness ur right but screen ur wrong. to #24 :anonymous
joshydude (15" monitor)
or not. i dont know how big it is yet
joshydude (15" monitor)
i put my ds up to it. this photo may be a teence to big. hey at least im getting the thing.
joshydude (16" monitor)
i didnt measure my computer right, it 16 in.
joshydude (16" monitor)
a little to big
anonymous (23" monitor)
it is a bit too big
Unkown Hero (24" monitor)
too big!
Anonymous (16" monitor)
my laptop has 15.6 inch, but then it's displayed a little to small.
16" does display the right size, but then again, i got a 15.6" laptop...
Ethan (16" monitor)
cant wait
Ethan (16" monitor)
This is great i wanted 2 c da size im getting 1 soon.
herp-a-derp (30" monitor)
General Tullius (23" monitor)
I held my Go up to the screen. It's a little bit too big.