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Apple iPod Touch, 2nd Generation


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Not sure what your monitor size is ?
Apple iPod Touch, 2nd Generation Actual Size Image


Anish (17" monitor)
Kinda Small
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Its width is about 1mm smaller than real-life.
Anonymous (20" monitor)
oh yea that is a perfect match
Anish (1000" monitor)
i changed my screen size to 1000" , WOW
Anonymous (19" monitor)
That is a perfect match
True (20" monitor)
Small! Not Exact!
Anonymous (16" monitor)
perfect, almost.. lol
Anonymous (17" monitor)
almost perfect, maybe a little, tiny bit small.
Anonymous (20" monitor)
good on 20 inch imac (24" monitor)
Nope. Sorry.
samuel (19" monitor)
sarah (12" monitor)
not even close
Anonymous (19" monitor)
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Little bit short.
Steve (3" monitor)
haha 3" monitor
Anon (17" monitor)
Pretty Good.
julzieluvme (12" monitor)
it looks WAY too small.
julzieluvme (12" monitor)
ohh. never mind!
wow (2000" monitor)
2000" screen
John (15" monitor)
Its Accurate But Just Shy Of Perfect.
morriah Crandell (10" monitor)
anon (21" monitor)
too big
Flasky (17" monitor)
Looks real size... But when I first saw the IPod touch 4g I was disappointed by the size of the device.
qwertyuiop (15" monitor)
Exact match!!
Anneliese (13" monitor)
A little bit small, but pretty close.
TheiPhoneGuyHD (24" monitor)
A little short
Hijie (19" monitor)
Perfect match. Cool. ^___^
I found the of size of my screen at the back. I knew it had to be there somewhere. heheh.
Ria (16" monitor)
Almost perfect. A bit too small.
kenya'nonymous (14" monitor)
This is smaller like abit
Lemy (17" monitor)
Perfect match
Liria (14" monitor)
Worked for me. Some people here complained because they just didn't know the exact screen size of their monitor.
sheema saeed (23" monitor)
yep right size