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Apple iPad Mini


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The Apple iPad Mini is a 7.9 inch tablet with dimensions 7.8 x 5.3 x .28 inches

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Apple iPad Mini Actual Size Image


Ari (14" monitor)
If you have the same monitor size as me and this page loaded correctly, yes, this is, or at least extremely close, the size of the iPad mini. And, just to add, if you came across this to check the mini out before you buy it, this is NOT what the display is like! This is a small mega-pixel picture of the iPad mini. The real picture of the mini is surprisingly nice and comfortable to me, for it has a LED back lit display. Most people are complaining about the mini's display because all they have are the much loved retina display products.
Every body in general are crazy about the little tablets now, and more and more companies are coming out with them. Apple was very smart to think up the iPad mini and market it. I think once more information gets around, people are really going to be seeking out the last one. Some of you might not want to spend $500 or more on an iPad, so get an easier to hold iPad mini. heres my advice for you display crazies though: When I used the original iPad, one of the things that went to my head was how the display "popped up" at me and was so clear and colorful. If the much smaller iPad mini has the same display, it has got to be worth it! >.< OR I'M RETURNING IT! No, just kidding. Go apple!
Skylar (15" monitor)
This is, well at least on my monitor size, the correct size of the apple iPad mini. I just love how I spent five minutes pressing on the pictures of apps on my computer screen as is I had the iPad mini in my hands.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Lizzie19* (15" monitor)
yesh dis iss koReKtMe Love de IPAD MINI!!! __ no rETNA, THOUGH.
jennifer (14" monitor)
really nice