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Bill Murray


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Bill Murray Actual Size Image


Bill Murreeh (13" monitor)
I have put my Bill Murray against the screen. It fits perfectly
Anonymous (18" monitor)
no, my bill murray is a bit bigger :P
sami (17" monitor)
TOo big!!! Mine is smaller.
Anonymous (24" monitor)
my Bill Murray is smaller
Anonymous (21" monitor)
My Bill Murray wouldn't stay still long enough to check =(
HipHopAnonymus (10" monitor)
Yeah, my Bill Murray called the police because I slammed his head into my computer screen :l Now ill never know if it's perfect!! TT3TT
mawewaryop (20" monitor)
my bill murray is WAAAAY smaller, i even held him up against the screen.
San (23" monitor)
I´m with Bill here... Yeah, he has a big mellon head.
duh (17" monitor)
Bill Murray is larger than life