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GBA cartridge


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GBA cartridge Actual Size Image


Adam (20" monitor)
Nowhere near the actual size
Joe (13" monitor)
not good looks about double the size
Rachel (17" monitor)
If you wait it shrinks down to just a teeny bit too big. But only out by a smidgeon.
Twiggy (24" monitor)
it looks to small
BY (13" monitor)
I just put a cartridge up to the screen, It's about right.
cg (13" monitor)
way off
d (14" monitor)
I just held a gba game to my 14" it was perfect
Anonymous (19" monitor)
On my screen?
Perfect fit.
Slimy (17" monitor)
Just a bit too big but I may have measure wrong...
Wolfgang (19" monitor)
Looks good but kinda small - 19.11 inch
yeah (15" monitor)
Mr. Awseome (16" monitor)
a tad big. not too big though
Anonymous (15" monitor)
its the excact same size.