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Stewie Griffin


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Stewie Griffin Actual Size Image


Perfect, just put my kid up against this
that is sooo not the size of seth's signature
Anonymous (13" monitor)
His eye is bigger than my face. (21" monitor)
Dude! This is WAY too big! :)
elbigmo06 (15" monitor)
this is just silly but still fun.
Anonymous (19" monitor)
his eye is almost like my hand lol... think its a little to big
Me (15" monitor)
he isn't perfect he is a drawing.
My account on youtube is CarlosJulio20 (17" monitor)
your hand is small.
xXwortepXx (18" monitor)
Anonymous (19" monitor)
lol fat head
anonymous (20" monitor)
umm. how old is he? cuz hes like the size of my 5 year old sister. just wonderin. maybe shes small.
bob (17" monitor)
This is probably a scale picture if stewie was real, and was the same height in our world as in his. about 2-3 feet.
Kyle (19" monitor)
I think it's about right... the head and eyes are HUGE, but look at his body
Anonymous (19" monitor)
Yeah, I'd say that's about right.
lulz (14" monitor)
hes HUGE. hes supposed to be a baby, not a midget. >.>
Anonymous (13" monitor)
Woah, he's really small.
Jake'm (17" monitor)
I'm thinking this is a bit inaccurate. Stewie's a baby.
brandon (19" monitor)
lol #2
Mitch (17" monitor)
Melonhead.. o_o
George (15" monitor)
he only looks huge becuz u must scroll :)
. (15" monitor)
hehehehehehehehehehehe stewie
Anonymous (11480" monitor)
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Congrats Stewie, yo are 47 scrolls up.
Anonymous (14" monitor)
he is too big
mini man who ha (15" monitor)
he isnt too big, i'd call that right size
Wheeeeeeee!!!!!! (15" monitor)
"Izzywizzy~let's get buizy" . . . . Tap~tappety~tap~tap~~~~TAP~TAP!!!!!!
Wheeeeeeee!!!!!! (15" monitor)

"EXPERIAMUS"!!!!!!!! (p'POWW!!!)

Anonymous (17" monitor)
Way wrong. Way too big, buts that just what she said.
Mitchie (12" monitor)
ROFL His hand it almost as big as my hand. XD
james (123" monitor)
Your mom (16" monitor)
mine is smaller
arGHHHHHHHHH (15" monitor)
looks bigger than he does on tv...
um (19" monitor)
yeah id say thats about right for his age... apart from his head obviously!
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Fapp (19" monitor)
i put my baby up to it and it was juuuuust right