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XBox 360

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XBox 360 Actual Size Image


Looks a little small... but I don't think I'd actually wanna compare it.
I think it looks about right...of course i am not going to hold my xbox to my screen like i did for my controller
Its accurate. Yes I held up my XB.
Anonymous (19" monitor)
Little skinny on 19in
Anonymous (15" monitor)
It worked, I just took off the faceplate and held it up.
someone (19" monitor)
too small...i held up a dvd and its bigger then the drive
Anonymous (17" monitor)
I held a CD up to the drive and it looks like it would fit nicely in the tray.
PS3 FTW!! (50" monitor)
who would want this rubbish anyway?
stormtrooper190 (17" monitor)
no PS3 :(
Anonymous (22" monitor)
The Bottom USB port flap is a little bit bigger then the real thing
Anonymous (22" monitor)
Yep #6 same
Steve (22" monitor)
Too small the front panel is bigger than the pic
Daniel (42" monitor)
BACK OF THE (18" monitor)
Anonymous (19" monitor)
TINY on my 19" lol
yo momma (15" monitor)
i held up my disk at it looks like it fits
Twiggy (24" monitor)
it looks right
Anonymous (14" monitor)
i agree twiggy
hi (17" monitor)
its so funny because you know everybody has to grab the real version of what they searched to compare
Anonymous (15" monitor)
yeah 19, kinda makes you think why you would bother, seeing as everyone runs around getting the actual size object anyways XD
mupet0000 (24" monitor)
It's accurate on my 24".
Anonymous (68" monitor)
its accurate :D
lol (17" monitor)
ss (18" monitor)
i measurefd it
noneofyourbuissness (18" monitor)
thats good size
Xbox 360 all the way (17" monitor)
@PS3 FTW!!

I'd like to see how big your head is on my monitor when I cut it off, b***h.

Also, does PS3 have Halo or Gears of War? No, so suck my d**k, which is bigger than your f*****g PS3
Maggie (16" monitor)
Wow, It LOOKS a bit small but then i held up a CD to the drive and it looks PRETTY accurate... :]
My Xbox is a little bit bigger though...
Osku958 (14" monitor)
It looks a little too big, actually it's perfect
daniel kane (18" monitor)
add me on facebook daniel nips kane
laros (21" monitor)
f****n` right man!
Anonymous (20" monitor)
I don't like Xbox 360 to be honest.