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Zune 120 GB


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Zune 120 GB Actual Size Image


Too big, complete idiot.
^ Also, just search for the 80GB one, it's the same size as the 120GB version.
nbarr (17" monitor)
Way too big!
Anon (20" monitor)
i randomly clicked on this, and it was spot on for my zune
e (22" monitor)
lol giant!!! (22'')
#6 (19" monitor)
i call bs on #4
Anonymous (16" monitor)
This pic is wrong, I'm calling shenanigans on this one.
stephen (17" monitor)
likely an apple fanboy trying get people to get an ipod
#9 (20" monitor)
double bs on #4
Anonymous (16" monitor)
that sucks
kalum doyon (17" monitor)
the thing is the size of a small tv
theIza (19" monitor)
thats c**p... #4 are u sure u don't have sum over sized bootleg that actually says 2une120? lolz
Justin Roxs (15" monitor)
Way too big about 1 inch off #4 you must be messed up and shut up # 12