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iPad Mini / iPad Air


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iPad Mini / iPad Air Actual Size Image


Emiel (10" monitor)
The image set to a 9.7 inch screen size HP TouchPad delivers a 5.9 inch diagonal screen size iPad Air. Even including bezels 7.1 inch. If the iPad mini would be 7.85 inch in screen-size, these picture dimensions are totally wrong.
Emiel (24" monitor)
The image set to my 24 inch HP LP2475w for my desktop looks ok.
But I do not use the portrait setting of that one (allthough I could).

So, for users already having a mobile device (also a market) using this in portrait, this application isn't suitable. I rest my case.
Emiel (10" monitor)
My statement seems to be valid for holding in portrait, not landscape! Portrait would be most users attempt, I guess.
FleaBag (22" monitor)
Why all this rigamarole to get the size of this thing!?
I've been through over a dozen articles and not one has mentioned the actual width and height!
Does anybody have a ruler?...
Anonymous (22" monitor)
yep, it's accurate. Set your monitor size RIGHT!
bob (20" monitor)
its bigger! GET IT RIGHT! well not 9.7" but its bigger than this! hello this is bob :)
Erik (22" monitor)