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iPod Touch (3)

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iPod Touch (3) Actual Size Image


Critic (15" monitor)
Fits Perfectly
Bdawgs. (16" monitor)
I can't wait til it comes out, I always have to upgrade to the newer stuff.
Anonymous (22" monitor)
bit small on 22"
Giggity Goo Gah (15" monitor)
That actuall fits perfectly... I'm not gonna lie. I'm amazed at this site. I can't believe that I own everything that was put on this site. Even that huge plane!
anna (12" monitor)
too big, way too big
iTudy (17" monitor)
sorry, now fits exactly :D
iTudy (17" monitor)
kinda small, iPod's screed is 0.2 smaller...
Anonymous (18" monitor)
thats very accurate
Amazing Grace (15" monitor)
Wow. Just, wow.
thatguy (16" monitor)
im getting mine soon ill see, lol it looks huge with a 1 inch sceen on a 15.6 screen
Traviscool (17" monitor)
fits fantastioc reAL GOOD!!!!!
Tarquin (15" monitor)
Whato! Bang-on!
Sam (17" monitor)
Screen is really quite small, But the outside is the right size. (iPod Touch second Generation)
samantha (10" monitor)
ok that is like wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooooooooooootototot
samantha (10" monitor)
never mind when you copy and past it fits
yeah (15" monitor)
#6, you probably have a more recent generation.