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Wiimote (Wii Controller)


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Wiimote (Wii Controller) Actual Size Image


elbigmo06 (15" monitor)
this one is right on the spot, unlike the other wiimote pic out their.
Anonymous (15" monitor)
bit tall
Anonymous (20" monitor)
A tad big
t966er (14" monitor)
Pretty much perfect on my 14.2in monitor
K-Smooth (15" monitor)
Pretty good!
Anonymous (13" monitor)
ARGme (8" monitor)
too big
JimHarbis (24" monitor)
perfect on my 24" mac
Anonymous (15" monitor)
So deman perfect.
BY (13" monitor)
perfect. ish.
KT (19" monitor)
i cba to go nd get my wiimote from the other room...
Joshua (19" monitor)
Perfect, 19" widescreen
dudeeeeeeeeeeeee (14" monitor)
CBF to get up and get my wiimote to compare but it looks right ;)
Rory (15" monitor)
I suppose it is perfect... though I had trouble measuring because the picture's 2-D.
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Perfect. Right on the dot on a 17" screen :)
Zach (10" monitor)
WAY TO SMALL! 10" monitor, but I held a wiimote up to it, its WAY TO SMALL!
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Awesome! that's like perfect!
Anonymous (11" monitor)
Way too big on 11" 1280x1240
Anonymous (19" monitor)
Perfect on this screen.
TheMultiYoshi (32" monitor)
if its the wrong size make sure you arent zoomed in
Anonymous (22" monitor)
you guys saying its to big, you just put the wrong monitor size in, figure it out
alex (: (19" monitor)
erm; i fink they no the size of there screen :L
alec (15" monitor)
s**t thats good
OshawattLand (15" monitor)
CoolKid3256934 (14" monitor)
Just like my own wiimote!
thebuddyadrian (16" monitor)